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Three men, a bagman, and a hotel
Submitted By: Loislaurenlane
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Three men are on a business trip and stop at a hotel for one night. They all share a room, which was $30, so they each paid $10 a piece. A bagman helps them to there room, but gets mad when the three men don't tip him, when he goes back down to the lobby, the lady at the front desk tells him the room was only $25 and to bring the $5 back up to the three men, since the bagman was mad that the men did not tip him he took $2 out of the $5, an give the remaining $3 back to the men, so now, each man paid $9, plus the two the bag man took, so $9x3men= $27, and $27+$2the bagman took= 29, where is the missing dollar?


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