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  1. Each row (blue boxes) must contain a digit from 1 to 9. No number may be repeated in any row.
  2. Each column (red boxes) must have 1 number per square from 1 - 9. No number may be repeated in any column.
  3. Each 3x3 square (green box) must also have 1 number per square from 1 - 9. For example, if the number 4 is already in a square inside the green box, you cannot place another 4 inside that square.
You will notice how each number inside the green box in the image to your left is not lined up with the same number in either the blue row or the red column. When placing missing numbers, look both left and right of the square you are in, as well as up and down. If the number you want to place there is already in the same column or row, it cannot be placed.

When each square in the entire puzzle has a number in it that does not line up with the same number either horizontally or vertically, the puzzle is complete.

How to use our Sudoku grid:

To place numbers, click the square you wish to place on in and type the number on your keyboard. You may click already placed numbers and press delete (or backspace) to remove it. You may also type a combination of number (I.e. 173) to use as hints when trying to determine which number can go in that square.

As soon as you have completed your puzzle, click the "Completed the Puzzle" button to save your score on the leader board.

Have fun!


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